Monday, March 23, 2009

Great Animal Close-Ups - Some Predators and a Couple of (Yummy) Prey

It's the extreme close-up and detail that, for me, makes these photographs extraordinary - and worth posting!

Do you agree?


  1. love the pictures and full agree.

  2. Nothing wrong with a little nature now and then, although I wouldn't want to be the lunch of that tiger (what type he is escapes me right at the moment).

    Love that pic and the one with the wolf.

  3. An eagle swooped down over a pond and swallowed a frog. Later on, he looks out of the eagle's asshole, and asks him how high they were flying. Thee eagle replied 10,000feet. After a bit the frog said,"You wouldn't shit me, would you?"

  4. LOL

    still convulsing with laughter

    but then i have a gritty sense of humour

    is this a home-grown effort - love the pithy quality of it!

  5. hey greg

    i'm all for nature too - in men as in other things - another not so subliminal anti-shaving push !

    i think he might be the leopard type of tiger

    love the wolf too - menacing in such a low key way

    a wolf in a wolf's clothing?

  6. hey ray's c

    yep, i'm a sucker for animals

    and once you have the close-up i'm totally drawn in!