Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beauties Still Lurking in the Late Summer Garden

It's late summer here in Sydney and most of the growth of spring has died back.

But there are still some natural beauties, like the epiphytes above and the bromeliads ...

The bogenvillia seem, at least in our sub-tropical climate, to be in flower most of the year!

And the flowers of one of the curry trees have turned to berries, and are now changing colour from green to red to purple - so a whole forest of new saplings is on its way again!

We're still eating fruit off the fig trees ...

... but there's only one papaya left ...

Breakfast tomorrow morning?

I think so!


  1. Nick - "bogenvillia" NO, "bougainvillea" YES

    I have four dwarf ones, 2 purple, 2 pink that have grown into each other ceating one huge bush just outside my bedroom window in front of our house. If we don't keep them trimmed back they try to reclaim the driveway and front of the roof.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. Some juicy fruits ya got there (now why does my mind think of something else???)
    Never tried papaya before.
    Does it taste something like a pear?

  3. hey greg

    papayas taste tropical, if that makes sense - definitely like something from asia - far removed from an apple or a pear

    you don't have them in your area?

    they are v popular here now - along with longans, jackfruit, lycees and rambutans

    and they've all come in here in only the last few years



  4. hey alan

    thanks for being such a patient and caring editor! we've had pale purple, pink, yellow and peach-coloured here - down to the first two - the others 'went to god' on our 7 months away last year

    i've tried to tease ours out along the fence but that resist - little buggers!

    so what's your secret of making them crawl? (which i might be able to use on extra-maritals!)