Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prince Teo - With Old Faithful About To Blow!

There's something about having ya head in a dark hairy crotch. Muscular legs apart so ya can smell the musky butt. With the hot hard cum-dribbling dick down ya throat. Just when it's about to blow!

Honestly, there must a trillion things I would NOT be rather doing!


  1. Oh hell, Nick!
    Even though I'd much rather have a shaved or trimmed man-ass, lol - I can think of a million things I'd rather NOT want to do as well!

  2. hey greg. i've cum to the conclusion that shaved or unshaved ass depends on the guy and the type of guy - not an absolute, well, for me. i'm sure Teo wouldn't look half as good with a 'brazilian' wax, and Dalton not as good with a 'brazilian' rain forest in his crack!