Monday, September 29, 2008

David Copperfield 'Puzzle'

This is seriously cute!

Try it out.

So how does it work?

Took me a sec or two but it's clever!


  1. LOL - ok, I got it after a few seconds as well. Kinda tricky.

  2. hey greg. yeah, it's the way it's set up that leads you in a certain direction and to confusion. he says he'll remove one card, the one you thought of. so you imagine the second set of cards differs from the first by one card. where in fact they are all different - so of course whatever one you chose won't be there. it works cos all these court cards look alike - you don't realize easily that there is a complete change. but i liked it too!

  3. Oh gee, can it be that my chosen one is missing because so are all the others?
    Good trick to play on daltonics if there were red/black ones or on ppl with a shorter attention span and neglect of suit bordering (on?) the imbecile.

    Did I win some sort of prize? ;)
    Because I had it as soon as I saw it but didn't bother posting until I saw some interest in

    I would stick to Paris as it was and porn as it is. That's just silly me. I keep expecting your worthier (my POV) posts to get a flood of comments, then they don't so I keep mum.
    Otherwisely (:-P) some posts I think show enough and don't need slobbering over get slobbered over. Again I stay quiet. Crazy? Yep. That's Me.

  4. hey pete - you always win a prize, well, with me!

    shows how we so easily accept the way things are set up... mm - scary implications.

    it gave me a nanosecond's pleasure - can't ask too much more of life, i say.

    not sure what you meant by 'I would stick to Paris as it was and porn as it is' - something deep, for sure, but dumb ol' me didn't get it!

    the 'worthy' posts are for you and me - and curiously they are the ones that provoke a lot of emails, as opposed to 'comments'.

    and i like, very much, your particular brand of craziness, with respect to the last part of your comment.

    so - great to hear from you - as usual!

  5. Nice one. It took me a minute to figure it out! I think I should stop watching too much porn.:-)

  6. yep, porn develops one side of your 'lower brain' - perhaps to the diminishment of the other bits! the david coperfield post makes you do a slow wry smile when you figure it out. well, i did one. seems wonderfully magic at first ... and like life, a bit ordinary after - a very apt metaphor!

  7. hey ray's c, thanks - and glad you drop by! nick

  8. Oh, totally fab. And I was totally fooled. It's late, I'm tired, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

  9. heu iain, and i'll sincerely pretend to believe you ... at least for now. yep, it's fun and gets you careful about not accepting what you are initially told without question. take care. nick