Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Photos I Didn't But Could've Taken of Paris

I traveled in Europe for four months in 2003, and rented an apartment in Paris for six weeks. But for various reasons took very few photographs of my all-time favorite city that trip.

Then yesterday, deep in cyber space, I saw the photographs I would've taken! Or did I actually take them and then I simply forget?!

But while I imagine they could/might be mine, they are 'foreign' too, more and less.

Seeing these photos has let me think about how I like my own to be.

More 'centred'. And in balance, according of course to my own eye. The central focus to be more obviously arresting. I want to be closer to whatever I am concentrating on. With more calculated framing. And the cut-off bits more obviously and consciously decided. Other choices of detail.

I've learned some new ways of approaching outdoor scenes. This next shot has a nice closed-in feeling - you have a sense of being cramped in between the walls and the cars, as you can do walking round medieval streets. I would've wanted it to be more opened out.

I'm really surprised how specific I've found my 'eye' to be, looking at someone else's snaps.

Or ... is this all just an opportunity to do some big nostalgia! And finally a chance to do my comprehensive if belated Paris post.

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