Monday, August 25, 2008

Sam Cooke 'A Change is Gonna Come'

Though well before my time, it's hard not to respond to the sentiments through the music in 'A Change is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke.

And I love this clip, with the lyrics overlay, and images of Martin Luther King Jr and the protest marches of the 50's and 60's.

Makes you believe that change is possible. Don't wanna get too cynical here!


  1. Oh yeah, I'd love to be able to believe that change is going to come. Too bad I'm just too much of a cynical bastard for that! lol

    Still, you just gotta love the sentiment.

  2. hey greg. i know that deep down under that touch horny cynical shell beats the soft heart of hope - and do you know why? the title of your blog 'gay dreams and hopes'! am i right? or am i right! take care. nick