Friday, August 8, 2008

Now Here's the Question

Okay guys, now here's the question.

What's the connection between the set of images above ... and the two sets of images below?

Set 1

Set 2

Hope it's not rocket science!

This last picture is just a distractor! Sorta.


  1. The only commonality I can see is that none of them will be my birthday present from mother this coming Tuesday. Other than that I am stumped.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. sorry to be so obtuse - as you know, it's all just a ruse to post more hot guys. court shoes = the skin down, no head showing. peep-toed shoes = the skin a bit back and the head peeping out. whatever, hot to get two great states for one dick!

  3. Hmmmm .. was thinking it was something to do with the color of the shoes and the skin tone of the cocks .... lol
    Why anyone (women or men) would wear those kinda shoes is beyond me!

  4. it's a skin down (closed toe) and skin back (peep toes) thing. and yeah i wouldn't wear those kinda shoes, but some guys have been known to - even happily. reckon i'll still be sticking my trainers and boots! and thongs-beach-summer-and-at-home-wear.

  5. Are the guys going to put the shoes on? I love hunky guys with big feet in spike heels! Even better if they're open-toed and strappy!

  6. hey keith. 'strappy' - now you're talking! and there's a slight bondage angle creeping in here - it's that tight leather bound-up thing!