Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today's Mystery Object

They come in two basic styles - 'the cage' (illustrated above) and 'the desk knickknack'' (below).

Each style is available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

So three questions:
  • What is it?
  • Do you have one?
  • Do you need one? (You may have to consult your partner to get the 'right' answer to this question!)

Answer to the first question tomorrow, along with photos of the object in use.

As if you won't guess in a nanosecond!


  1. Nick, me mate ;)
    Come on, you made it too easy. Or googling the Extreme shopping site made it.

    b) don't have

    c) my partner could certainly have used one before dumping me for some..never you mind.;-P

    also: I particularly like the desk cage as I can envision all sorts of positions in which this would be fun fun fun all the way to Alfa Centauri & back as long as it wasn't me wearing these very dangerous devices.

    Sorry, no photo as no bloody money to indulge my every perverted fantasy. I have enough trouble keeping my accounts at PricklyWear and BodyExposed on the black. And I still have to.. OK, TMI again?

    I'll only post relevant (possibly Paris-related) trivia henceforth



    P.S. worry not. my resolve is even fickler(that don't look/sound right! lol) than my current dial-up connection

  2. hey peter. easy for you but ... . what a bastard leaving you - better without him if that's the kind of person he is. i just so love to support my friends, verbally!!! LOL. one of these would have been supremely out-of-place in the keller bar, le depot, and other such establishments in paris where you check in your ... clothes at the door. i'd like to here more stories, keller-ish or otherwise, about the city of light. hug squared. nick

  3. Nick, me first mate! (OK, I'll drop that soon)

    le depot, oui (details will follow m@ailingly) but are you telling me me and my random companions entirely missed keller? Even with my 2008 Spartacus Guide on hand and their hands on knowledge nearabouts? Now I'm pissed!

    Not! I forgot to told you how much I appreciated your recent cub post. I think I may be turning into one, bodily. But what about my old and wise soul? I stake my claim to naming the intermediate between cubs and bears! Evolving Teddy sounds nice, right?

    Impressive Chilean pool, btw ;-)

    Also: As a drunk with a bad hangover I am trying to skip thinking how wonderful it would be to be in Paris forever by watching anything aussie(ozzie?) on tv these says. Not just the soaps either. I am actually falling in bitchiness with seies 2 and 3 of The Block as well as the latest Home&A to have nade it to Porty and thinking "Australia" will feature the 2 most beautiful people in the world not personally known to me as well as one of my fave directors, some seriously soul-punching cinematography and a soundtrack I can more than live with. It's supposed to open here on Nov,26th. Any sooner there/You interested at all? ;-)

    Thanks for emphatising & sympathising about the last bastard o'mine. Makes it easier when considering sex toys purchases. Also makes it easier on the soul, so thanks.

    Porty-Hugs (extra-tight&cuddly),


    P.S. have not spellchecked this one - as is the case ever so often - so... sorry for mangling the language ^-^

  4. LOL OMG!!
    No friggin way!

    I did what Peter did, but don't worry, won't say anything either.

    B.) Hell NO!

    C.) As if I am getting too much as it is!!

    On a side note, whatever would happen if your partner lost the key? Imagine the real embarassment involved in that one!

    Oh by the way, did you check out the "Snake Restraint" by any chance? Thats just too cruel!

  5. hey peter.

    glad you found le depot, keller is a much grittier establishment: - maybe too much for you? when you said 'Now I'm pissed!', literally!

    how did you go at le depot these sort of clubs in paris tend to roar for a while and then die. and some bars operate as gay one night a week - used to be like that here ... in the distant past!

    i think cub-dom is a possible incarnation for old and wise soles as much as for, shall we say, ... well, the opposite kind of soles. age is not its defining characteristic - tho i suspect cubs in wheelchairs is an oxymoron. BTW i stabbed my teddy as a kid and wonder what i was on about - an early sign of being a top or more violent tendencies?

    I will refer to you 'peter bear' from now on - sounds a bit beatrix potter but nice.

    i'm nt doing too much tv at the moment but always have fantasies about going back to living in paris. cost of buying places (minute flats) is not too bad. haven't looked into out-going costs - maybe this is why they seem inexpensive? did you get any sense of this when you were there?

    should we get a bunch of guys/gays to 'get' your 'last bastard'? maybe some of the equipment from keller could be used to make him see the error of his way with you!

    thanks for the P-Hug - add some portly kisses back


  6. hey greg. every ome doesn't need

    just think of all the maintenance - tho i guess it could take a spin in the dishwasher, after a couple of hours/days/weeks ... depending on how grubby you are.

    and what if your partner PRETENDED he'd lost the key!

    the 'snake restraint' seems a long distance version - a third style! maybe the handle could be concealed in one of the legs of ya jeans - you might 'walk funny' but then, we have to face it, everything has it's draw-backs! take care. nick

  7. Maybe I', just too sleepy but I didn't understand 90% of the comments so far.

    I didn't go to any extreme shopping sites to come to the conclusion they were cock blockers/chastity belts for men. I have neither one of them nor a partner but my best friend could use one for himself. His bfs might stick around longer if he used on.

    Alan down in FLorida

  8. hey alan.

    maybe instead of exchanging commitment rings, couples (who need to and wh want to give their relationship its best chance) could exchange chastity devices, matched for colour and style - or otherwise. take care. nick