Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Music Video - Adam Rickett 'I Breathe Again'

This is a great 90's dance music clip - with a pretty compelling visual.

The backing sound reminds a bit of the Pet Shop Boys.


  1. Really enjoy this song.

  2. Adam used to (still does?) appear in Coronation Street. I thought he was channeling Mitch Hewer until I saw at the end the clip seems to date from 1999 in which case maybe Mitch is channeling Adam?

  3. yeah, it's pretty catchy - gets better the more you hear it - well, it seems to me! take care. nick

  4. hey victor. ok, great to know bout 'coronation street'. and you are right - i had the same thought about the cloning thing and mitch hewer. but (as you say) which way!? take care. nick

  5. Sort of catchy, I'll give you that.
    And like any other music video, just plain silly! lol
    Still, wish I was there when they recorded Adam being nude in that see-through box!

  6. hey greg. yeah, me and you being there. a bit coy the way he crosses his legs but, hey, this is a main stream vid. it's nice enough. nick