Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ricky Martin - 'She Bangs'

This is Ricky Martin at his most fabulously delicious girly gay - despite his 'beard' of bikini-clad women.

I dare you to turn the volume right right up and NOT dance around the room in a similar fashion! It's physically IMPOSSIBLE!

But if you can - you are straight!!!


  1. This is an even gayer song than YMCA and most of America never got the jokes and there are many. I assume this was written by Ricky's openly gay ex-Menuda Robbie Rosa.

    "You blow me off like it's all the same" (Oral sex)

    "You lit a fuse now it's ticking away" (Got me erect and I'm gonna cum")

    "You're switching sides like a Gemini" (Transgender/cross dresser?)

    "She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee" (Transgender/cross dresser again)

    "A woman has one thing on her mind" (The same as a gay man)

    "I'm just a link in your daisy chain" (A term meaning multiple gay penetrative sex)

    Amazing what you can still get away with - especially a pretty boy like Ricky.

    This was such a great song musically that even William Hung (an ironic name for an Asian) was able to get people to buy it.

    Oh and did I forget those phallic octopus arms at the beginning. LMFAO

    Alan down in Florida

  2. hey alan - never focussed on the words before - should have! thanks for that - and taking the time and trouble of sending them! much appreciated! take care. nick

  3. Dances with arms over his head = GAY, GAY, GAY.

    You mean Ricky Martin ISN'T gay?!? LOL

    (But it was very, very hard NOT to get up and dance!)

  4. hey alexander - good to hear from you

    i think this clip is the absolute proof of RM's sexuality - if any were ever needed!

    and a mirror image of my prancing round the room - once his music kicks in.

    PS like your blog very much - have bookmarked it and will be back.

    take care


  5. You have such good taste, Nick. How can anyone not get turned on by RM?...He's good looking, he moves beautifully, takes great care to produce a finely polished musical package. He's raunchy,lyrical, sensitive.....I could go on & on....

    PS: I enjoy the variety of your blog. Thanks. I have it bookmarked.

  6. hey anon. thanks - hope you continue to enjoy the blog - and you are so right about ricky martin - i've always liked guys like him, as well as other types too! keep in touch - take care. nick