Saturday, May 10, 2008

Did You Know ... ?

Did you know that ...

Annually you will shake hands with 26 men who have recently masturbated but failed to wash their hands.

Annually you will shake hands with 2 women who have recently masturbated but failed to wash their hands.

Over a year, you will swallow 14 insects while you sleep.

Daily you will breath in 1 litre of other peoples' anal gas.

An average person's annual intake of fast food will contain 12 pubic hairs.

Great urban myths of course - but which I chose to believe!!! LOL


  1. Errrr - lol - I think the only thing that would want to believe would be that first one!! The others, I would never want to know!

  2. hey brandon. so scary it was hard to keep typing it! BTW just checked out your blog - really great, lot's about stuff other than sex, not that a ton of carnality ain't bad!!!

  3. hey greg. did i type more than one?! LOL. just wanna go and wash my hands (repeatedly) right now! take care. nick

  4. Now, this is my kind of urban myth! Well, some of them, of course of course (no equine jokes here plese, particularly not penis size ones, thanks).

    I also think it is a cultural/geographical/pathological thing. For instance (I only present myself as a random guy, not claiming representatively weight here, OK?), whereabouts and howabouts I live, I'd be lucky to shake hands with 26 males per year, let alone recent cummers. Also, the amount of anal gas inadvertedly and unknowingly inhaled tends to be huge in small overcrowded countries - dreadful thought for which I am so grateful...grroomph..
    As for insects? Not hot enough throughout most of the year for them to survive. If winter doesn't get them, pollution will, so 14 seems a bit too much. But I'd stomach them, if nicely grilled and suitably seasoned.

    Glad to hear the pubic hair on fast food thing. My fellow countrymen have been succumbing to death (er..I meant 'that') for 30 plus years now, yet over 80% of portuguese are still slow fooders. I bet that means more bugs but less pubic hair. At least of the human variety (argh!)

    Thanks for chering me up and grossing me out in one FOWL swoop. Lol.

    Hug, mate,


  5. hey peter. i pretty much grossed myself out just doing the post. tho i was snickering at the same time - we are curiously complex creatures, aren't we! i know they are great urban myths and was (am!) so tempted to just make up a few myself (as the original writer must have done). how bout 'did you know that you shed enough pubic hair over a lifetime to be able to weave the thread to create a 'cashmere' jumper?' - now your turn! ???? take care. nick

  6. Yet another reason why I don't eat fast food--although it might be another story if I could specify the individual whose pubic hairs I wanted! : )

  7. hey keith. and what if it could be indisputably proved those hairs were from lucas ... !

  8. LOL, nick, I was JUST going to suggest Lucas as somebody whose pubic hairs would be perfectly OK with me! : )

  9. hey keith - following your wise (as always) comment, i started to make a list of guys whose bushes could grace my sandwiches/rolls/big macs/whatever - had to stop at 1,200,321 ... cos it was 5am and i was buggered, and not in a good way!