Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Gypsy Kings - 'Baila Me'

You will raise a quizzical and disdainful eyebrow - if you go as far as to click the 'start' arrow for this clip.

Yep, it initially seems soooo old-fashioned and quaint. And and and ... .

And you'll be about to go for the 'stop' option ... but then - quite unexpectedly - the rhythms will take total and volcanic possession of your body ... and you'll go into a frenzy of the wildest and most exhilarated dancing you've ever experienced ... wherever you are! Now of course this can be an issue!

For max intensity, I suggest a club ... at 2am-ish ... the highest volume possible ... and with your absolutely favorite person - interpret this as you will!

And I guarantee you'll be groping for the 'replay' button ... over and over and over ... and trying to stop yourself yelling 'Fuck he was right!!!' with every play.


  1. I've been listening to the Gypsy Kings for some years and even have one of their CDs in my collection. Great stuff! - Volker

  2. hey volker - me too - have a number of their songs on my mobile phone - in case the need arises during the day! take care. nick

  3. Baila Me is my all-time favorite Gipsy Kings song. Hadn't seen the video before (thanks!) but have listened to the song about seventy thousand times. I've always wanted to make a video with ordinary people dancing to this song - it just begs to be danced to, si? I don't know about anybody else but I can't hold still when it's playing.

  4. hey tom, if i'm a bit flat (which doesn't happen too often) i go straight to 'Baila Me' and (like you would) am prancing my head off ... within minutes. it's amazingly theraputic. should be sold along with (or instead of) bottles of Prosac! take care. nick

  5. I just watched this video - on April 4, 2009 !
    I wished I had been at a dance club tonite; this was foot-moving, hand-clapping music !!
    Thank You !!

  6. hey tgrade5

    absolutely - i find it hard not to jump up and dance - in the middle of whatever

    i was O/S for round 7 months last year and started playing it on my mobile/cell phone - and started going for it - in the middle of a mall - locals probably just thought 'just like mad foreigners!'

    i was happy!