Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rolando Sarabia - the Cuban Nijinski

In 2005, Rolando Sarabia 'defected' to the US from Cuba and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. To become a Principal dancer with Miami City Ballet.

Amazing technique. Love the triple 'tour en l'aire' from a stationary fifth position at the beginning of the second clip!


  1. Astonishing, stunning, technically good, inspired to the max dancer I had never heard of (OK, I had), but he ain't no Nijinsky. He lacks the leaps, the animal grace, the madness (maybe he's better without that last one...)

    Do people still defect to the USA, btw? Because my small town has been flooded by US citizens defec(a?)ting on us to escape taxes, bans on same-sex marriages, phone tapping, trash tv, dismal head of state (hope they ALL return come November...) and total absence of a wealthfare safety net.
    Funny that they defect to countries where infant mortality and life expectancy are worse than in Cuba and inequality rules. Guess Communism is dead and so is Capitalism and I mourn neither one.

  2. i think the reference to nijinki is the ability to seemingly without effort move out of fifth position into whatever - requires a very strong Achille's tendon. and often we mythologize our heroes beyond what did actually achieve! i put the 'defect' in quote marks for the reason you mention - i guess the article i read used the word cos it has been used so often when people flee 'communism' - nureyev, barishniokov, makararova, and so on. BTW - how are you?

  3. Fine and dandy, Nick

    and not just a bit ashamed of having commented while my hormones (of the political/dancer/defectingpeople) were raging

    Hope you are well (not because of my silly post, hope you are well as I always do and as you deserve)

    Am I kind of forgiven? I dare suspect so - otherwise you could/should just have blocked my comment...

    I am not all that fine and dandy, incidentally, I am grumpy and depressed, so... :)

    I will promise to try not to blow off steam in friends' blogs. Fair enough? Gods, me hopeth so ;)

    aussie-bound-hugs (to think our ancestors may have met and fallen in..anything with each other - YAY!),


  4. Interesting that Cuba produces both brilliant dancers and boxers.

  5. so you are more hormonally-challenged now ... it's only a temp state, as we all know, so glad to have caught you intermetzzo. feeling pretty good and always forgiven and you'll never be blocked - think i've only ever blocked one - from a gay-bashing lunatic! so why grumpy and depressed my friend? PS our ancestors were probably fags and fucked each other stupid and so had no time to prospect for gold - makes us feel like incestors! many unhealthy hugs back! nick

  6. you were right Nick(as usual, I dare add), my hormonal raging condition was clouding my big mouth - Thanks so for much for the new videoclip!
    glad to know blocking/blockage is not something you often do, but then I already suspected that *ABHs*,


    PS - our ancestors? all I can say is my vivid and very much explicit imaginatiom takes a back (do not go there, I beg you) seat to yours.

    PPS - make that "had taken" ;) I have had sweet juicy incestuous/ral dreams last night. Hope you'te proud of your efect on me.

  7. PPPS(methinks)

    Nick, me mate,
    I think I may have overdone the incest/ancestors thing. If so, sorry. Also: one of ours (ancestors:P) struck gold, so I am wondering if he screwed the other one, in wich case feel free to sue me as I am kind of broke these past few..erm..decades?

    Unhealthy Incestors.Inspired Hugs,


    manyPsSs after: Rolando Sarabia rocks, rules, jumps, leaps and has restored my faith in defectors

  8. hey peter.

    don't depricate raging hormones - many would be happy to have such raging. just pulled the new clip as managed to resurrect the old one - but added a another clip. do you like it?

    i stick to my story/fantasy about our incestors!

    big hugs


  9. hey victor, yeah they produce great dancers like alicia alonso! something is the water!?