Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Are You Orally or Olfactorily Challenged?

When I lived in Adelaide, I had the big big hots for a local fox, Norman H. And after some years of unrequited lusting and failed attempts, I bumped into him one day at a gay bar and manged to pick him up.

Got him home and everything was going real well - until the jocks-down-face-in-his-crotch moment. It was a tsunami of Channel Number Five - and about a bottle and a half of it! Very 'lady-like' of course but not the sex-plus olfactory experience I'd craved. In fact, a complete fucking turn-off.

So I am wondering how many of you guys want your roots to disguise their various man smells and tastes ... and how many of you actively want to enjoy them?

I guess there are the (current) socially acceptable body aromas and tastes (armpits and general body sweat) and those that still barely dare to speak there names (feet and holes).

So guys firstly, are you orally or olfactorily challenged?

And secondly, if not, what's your pleasure/s?


  1. Both O & O not challenged here, so lucky me - lucky them? lol

    That much artificial scent a turn off. "Acceptable" body ones major turn on. Those that dare not speak its smell/taste? It completely depends on the fox..y guy :P

    Hugs, Nick - Brilliant set of pics, as ever,



  2. hey peter - i expected nothing less from you in the 0 & 0 department - great! and you are right - if great aunt Mabel has big bad BO ... it's just ... unspeakable. and not to make you wanna go down ... enough! hugs squared. nick

  3. Have to say, I LOVE hairy armpits and the way they smell. Nothing over-the-top, mind you, but that "I took a shower earlier, and didn't put on any deodorant" natural scent--gets me rock hard and ready to go in about one second flat!

    Love your blog, BTW! ;)


  4. hey nate. glad you like the blog. yep, i'm not hot for the week-unwashed pit either. but like to get some 'taste' - and hairy pits - YES YES YES! both and i'm in heaven! take care.

  5. I quite like pits in the morning before the guy has showered...

  6. ... or in the evening before he goes to (my) bed!

  7. I am with Nate...natural scenets turn me on!

  8. me to0, flipflopsboy. why not have another sensation to complement all th others!