Saturday, March 22, 2008

And Continuing the 'Space' Theme ...

A friend of a friend's granddaughter works for NASA and sent me these rather spectacular photographs taken during an Endeavour mission.

Click on each one and you get really great enlargement!

This last pic is of Hurricane Dean.

Well, my socks are blown off!

Though looks rather more like something produced on a Hollywood movie set.

And reminds me of the conspiracy theory of the early 1970's that man-men never actually went to the moon - it was all manufactured by NASA on a back lot somewhere or other. All in the service of winning the space race.

Did everyone hear this great urban myth?


  1. wasn't & isn't a "myth" - it's a conspiracy theory with some fairly convincing evidence. two different things.

  2. Wonderful photographs. Thanks.

  3. hey anon. what evidence do you know or have heard?

  4. hey victor - a knock-out aren't they! especially when you click on them and get the full expanded version.

  5. LOL
    It's a hysterical myth.
    But - lol - it IS entertaining.

    Kinda like the nutty myth that 9/11 was really an inside job, done by our government and not the terrorists.

    I might despise the current administration with a friggin PASSION, but I can't credit them doing something like that.

    Course, sometimes myths turn out to be true ...... lol

  6. hey greg. hadn't heard the 9//11 inside job one! figures tho. same sentiments about that person. and you are right some myths turn out to be true - like watergate, just to mention one! take care. nick

  7. heard about both myths (lunar and 9/11) online only. guess the portuguese are not a very skeptical lot. Perhaps just a relatively sane one. who buys this stuff? (OK, Americans with nothing better to do, but whoelse, whyever and yegods)

    Space-Lunar related: remember the other aussie Nick? He looked like this circa 1974...

  8. i like a skeptical approach - till it becomes pathology! tried the link (BTW thanks for sending it) but it asked for a yahoo groups password - would a wink wink nugde nudge work? humongous hug

  9. heu rick, yeah, the clarity and detail are amazing!