Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Owl in the Garden

In bed at 6am and I heard frantic twittering in the garden.

At first I imagined the birds were signaling their fellow creatures that there was a cat at large!

Peering out through the curtains I saw a couple of crested whatevers darting all about in an agitated manners, and flapping their wings frantically.

I scanned about for a predator. Nothing.

But then I was astonished to see a huge owl, all fluffed up and asleep on one of the branches of a tree.

I was frantically rushing all about ... for my camera!

Spooky scary isn't he! A real raptor moment!

I've been google imaging him/her but can't find a match. Maybe a Brown Owl? Or an Athene or Spotted Owl? Or even the Powerful Owl? Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Do not know what kind of owl you have. We have 2 barn owls that live in my back yard. They is a golf corse on the other side of the fence. So I guess they hunt other things there, but you canhear them at night and really hear them n the morning before sunrise.

  2. hey ray's cowboy. the owl left this evening - mouse-bound no doubt. it's sad he's gone as he was with us for the whole day, sleepily observing us every now and then. interesting to hear about your barn owls - ours made no noise at all - maybe saving this for tonight's adventure. take care. nick