Monday, February 25, 2008

A Mini-Post - Albert Einstein or Marilyn Munroe!

I came across this curious image yesterday - from a friend. There are a lot like this out there but this one grabs your attention. Mine at least.

If you look at it close it's Albert Einstein. But if you move back and look again it's Marilyn Munroe. Sometimes someone in between! I find if I squint and let my eyes go fuzzy, then it's easier to get to have the Hollywood experience!

Not quite sure how it works but it seems rather amazing! Gestalt psychology might have something to say about it - how we take in only a few aspects of anything we see for an interpretation i.e. put together some fragments in the mind into a complete image. Based on past experience and expectations. And perhaps here you somehow, at varying distances, see these selected aspects of an image slightly differently and so put them together and interpret them as a different whole. Any other ideas guys?

Try to restrain yourself from drag-oriented comments - by putting this final note in here, I obviously haven't!!!


  1. Drag-oriented comments? Now would I do that to your public space? Oops..just did.

    Aside from that (you shouldn't be so "I'm asking for it" in your last paragraphs, it makes it soooo easy for pervs to target you) I found this really intriguing. The most interesting part - strictly personal viewpoint, again - was that I was only seeing Einstein/Einstein + a wig. Then I squinted. I almost had to shut my eyes entirely and force their orbits out through the tiny crack (no comments please) and focus very hard (shut up ^-^) and eventually I saw Marilyn :-9 (have no idea what this emoticon means as I haven't used it in years but I sort of like it so I hope you don't take it amiss - or hope you do, according to preference)

    More on Pompeii on the B,S,M & I entry, btw. And is it just me (mum used to tell me never to start a sentence with 'and', god bless her) or does BSMI sound positively dirty/obscene/UP-my-alley-or-someone's?

    Hugs, Nick


  2. hey peter. LOL re-drag, i like being as easy target, so to speak!
    and very pleased to here about the enviably tiny crack - would a slip of paper squeeze in? i have a great pyramid of giza story bout that, if pressed. (as tho anyone wouldn't coment!) but seriously, did you see the woman only turning one way in an earlier post? maybe it's the sane here - some people are hemi-spherically wired to 'read' just one way. the einstein fright-wig way for you maybe. you need to be a fair way back (5m's) to get marilyn easily. tell me if it makes a difference. hug and squeeze. and a quick crack check-out! just so fucking curious now! oh well ... !

  3. Nick! You got to share that great pyramid of giza story, pretty please? :P

    Your interest in my crack is most flattering. It's making me salivate as I write, and yes, it's not that it's that tiny - it's that I don't often take a crak at craking it wider. See? Now I'm up to your level! Shame on you, you...dag? (my aussie lingo still sucks)

    I did the 5m thing as far as my bedroom would allow (about 3 meters) and sure enough: 'Tis Her ;)

    On that earlier 'rotating' post? I got confused so maybe I've kept silent about it. Because on the first try she turned both ways (which would make me what, bi-hemispherically? I like the possibilities therein) but afterwards she turned mostly one way.

    On second thoughts (mine, so brace yourself) I just took a combo IQ/Brain Hemisphere quiz for laughs
    and I got 135 and left-handed..left-brained. In real life that would be ambidextrous leaning to the right and ambi..cerebral leaning to the left.
    Politically I'm almost at one end of the spectrum, not that you asked, not that I can keep my fingers quiet, not that you haven't guessed it's left. But politically speaking Left vs. Right is passé, isn't it? (or do I mean 'passè'?)

    Hug, squeeze, crack-open-for-inspection, curious-about-crack-inspector's-own-crack


  4. hey peter. it's a curious story. when i went down into the great pyramid at giza, and ended up in the pharaoh's burial chamber, i noticed something between the giant stone slabs that form the walls - i drew it out - a picture of a dead guy, laid out at home. i imagined it might have been placed there by a relative who had an imagined connection with ancient egypt or the past, in some way. i put the pic back and felt sorry i'd disturbed it. and noticed more in the tiny cracks in the walls, so it was a common rather than one-off thing. just doing dins - back in an hour!

  5. Okay, I tried your method and could see each of them. Very fascinating!

  6. yeah, it's great it's it - i'm looking for something similar to post again.