Saturday, April 14, 2007

They are watching you from space!

I don't wanna fuel anyone's already over-active paranoia about conspiracy theories, but I was playing with Google Earth Plus today and found the updated version now offers photographs like this one showing individual people. And it's from space!

And this is only the free 'el cheapo' version of the software. Just imagine what you'll get if dollars are involved. Or if you are a government agency with mega bucks to spend. A clarity that'd let you count the freckles on a face. In real time and with movement. This is not the future guys - this must be now. Privacy is a myth that we don't realize is as extinct as the dinosaurs. I guess 2007 is after '1984'!


  1. gardenerB@comcast.netApril 15, 2007 at 3:19 PM

    Hey Nick, When governments require their citizens to paint numbers or bar codes on their heads, it's time to worry! B

  2. like my post for gary larsen where birds, from the sky, see bullseye targets on everyones' heads! i take conspiracy theory only so far - but don't totally trust our great leaders!