Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gary Larsen Reprise

A couple more great (even classic) Gary Larsen 'Far Sides':

The first is my fav of this little batch. So fabulously quirky and off-beat.

Update: With my trusty 'Paint' program, I've taken the 'Inconvenience Store' back to its original (Gary Larsen) form. Wish I could do the same for the reproduction from 'Google Images' where I found it. For the story of how this nasty bit of racism unfolded, see 'Comments' for this post. Thanks to Anonymous and Paul for their input on this too.


  1. Looks like the "Mohammed" is a separate comment added to the image; it probably wasn't in the original.

  2. hey anon (my nickname for you!) - you are right - does look as though added. Which makes it racist! Thanks for pointing it out - I was wondering why the name back then. Nick

  3. Definitely added later. I have a copy of that strip with no name to the guy. That's not Larson's style.