Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Margaret Cho - Korean Kabuki Meets Bette Midler Meets ... ?

Memory is a funny thing - I recall being apoplectic with laughter (chocking, actually) when I first saw Margaret Cho.

So of course I was excited when the thought of posting her came to me today ... and was anticipating lots and lots and lots of fun choosing the video. So many to choose from ... so little space on Blogger.

But :< - or in the inimitable Margaret Cho face ...


... not really killing, at all!

But having said all this, she is still pretty great, considering the 'opposition' in the comedy industry. And it's really the totality of the Margaret Cho personna that's the point rather than the specifics of any particular performance.

And so from what seems the best on offer:

On a recent interview in US TV, Margaret Cho said that these days she's preferring sex with women, adding:

'I like my women real butch ... I like the kind that roll their own tampons'

So the gay jokes here are very fine, very - you know what I mean!


  1. Nick. hope you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday.

  2. Is kubuki the original spelling of kabuki?

    Alan down in Florida

  3. hey ray

    hope it's great for you too - and we don't loose touch in the new year!


  4. hey harmony

    side-splitting - just watched again!

  5. hey alan

    the coreean (LOL) spelling?

    actually noticed just after posting and guests arrived and i'd hoped to rectify before anyone noticed

    so now i'll have to go for it being the korean way!


  6. Nick...funny stuff..and Happy Holidays to ya guy!

  7. truth be known, think she's my all-time fav comedian - by far

    have a great xmas and hol - 'see' you in 2009!


  8. so you think margaret cho is funny? i find her type of humor insulting and degrading to athnic groups... what if it were a white comedian doing her exact humor? it would not sit well... what if a straight comedian did funny gay humor?

  9. I hardly ever get to see any of her performances, but I still love that woman anyway. She's awesome!

  10. hey anon

    i think that if you are within a group (as opposed to humour from outside the group - you mention straight people doing gay jokes) it can be healthy self examination and refreshing and modest self deprecation.

    i have a handicapped friend who makes outrageous fun of her 'disability' (her term) but i wouldn't be censuring her - it's her way of confronting her difficulties and challenges - but i wouldn't condone anyone makes her comments about her

    any humour what-so-ever from without a group is usually 'degrading' (your term) - this is where the problem arises

    take care


  11. hey greg

    yep she is - and thank god for film, video and YouTube so we can see her without having to wait for her to come to town - or go to the town where she's on!

  12. hey again anon

    do you listen to the clip carefully? margaret says at a number of points 'i love gay men'. and (as she says in the TV interview i mentioned) she identifies as bisexual

    so this is not someone outside group discriminating but someone within making healthy comment and fun.

    please try to think about it again

    take care and thanks for your comment