Wednesday, December 10, 2008

If You Think You've Got It Real Hard ...

If you imagine your life is tough, then this video will give you pause to think and re-consider. It did me.

Cos there's hard and then there's ... HARD!


  1. first i admired his skill and then i realized this was all his (tough) life

  2. Yeah , Africans, what to do , enslaved all their lives. Lack of education, brutal warlords, lousy governments.

  3. hey jenny

    yeah, and those in first world countries usually haven't the vaguest inkling of conditions on the African continent.

  4. Cripes! Haven't they ever heard of the wheel barrow? Kinda sad, but the boy has talent.

  5. hey greg

    this is Africa where the wheel barrow, at a certain level of society, is fancy and expensive techonology that the boss is simply not prepared to supply.

    hard to imagine, isn't it!