Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time Travel or Parallel Universes

Yesterday and quite without thinking about it, my family's old home phone number popped into my mind - WL 1833. It's of a form that doesn't exist today. And my parents haven't had the number for over 20 years.

I began to wonder what would happen if I dialed home. Now, at 4.30pm.

And imagined my mother would answer, asking when I'd be in for dinner. Was I still at school? I needed to be back soon to at least start my homework. What would I answer? She'd been an economist and wouldn't readily receive a call from the future! So I'd probably have to pretend I was still 10 years old. Would I be able to carry it off? The challenge excites me, now. My voice has deepened - I'd need to raise it to be convincing. And use a less sophisticated way of speaking. Without sounding too studiedly juvenile.

What was I doing at that age? Still at primary school - Grade 6.

Miss Hartigan was teaching me history. She had introduced me to Marco Polo and his travels to China. James Henry Breasted 'Ancient Times, A History of the Early World'. She had a funny way of clicking her hips side to side when she walked. Equally fascinating with the history.

And Mr Ackford for Maths - the school cutie. Very pretty in exactly that Randy Wayne way. But blokey. With beautiful muscular hands. Covered with a network of pulsating veins. And chalk. Who was being aggressively pursued by the highly-painted over-padded Miss Someone or other - funny what you remember and what you don't!

And Martin Davies for sex after school in the Old Boys Library. He was more developed than me - solid hairy legs, and furrier crotch. Just touching his hard hot thick dick and firm fat buns was overwhelmingly erotic. We'd only stop to go home - at 10, no ejaculation, premature or other wise to reduce our libidos.


But what if I get caught out? How would I explain the unexplainable?

And what if I answered - parallel universes? Remember in movies or somewhere there is an immutable truth that if you confront your different selves there'll be some kind of cataclysmic annihilation.

So I haven't dialed yet - I don't wanna be disappointed! But I will. The urge is becoming irresistible!


  1. I guess you are saying the phone number back then had less digits, so must likely all you will get is a silence cause it expects you to complete the rest of the phone number.

    Damn, why do I have to spoil the fun? lol

  2. In the back of my mond, i know this is one of the reasons why i dont wanna do that dialing!