Friday, December 22, 2006

Festive Season

I was thinking about the festive season this morning and it occurred to me that I'd do something other than the ubiquitous gay angle ('The Three Wise Fucks', the Porn Santa, etc). Something that captured the the essence of what this time of year can mean - to everyone.

And I thought of a trip to Laos, cos I seemed to capture images there of great tranquility and beautify, but without any calculation in my photography.

The capital, Vientiane, has the feeling of a large quiet sprawling country town:

with lots of tree-lined dirt roads:

and a colonial past still visible in architecture:

The temples you expect to find in Buddhist cities in Asia, but not bright shiny new:

And a very specific stype of Buddhist sculpture:

and the calm of the monks, everywhere meditative:

living in simple housing:

Idyllic sunsets:

Just wanna go back right now!

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