Friday, December 15, 2006

Beauty in Black and White

Lots of the photos round the blogs (and elsewhere) are of the hot, erotic, sexy, fuckable, whatever guys we demand. Blokes you immediately file away in your fantasy bank - for that ride to or from work, that wait in the queue in the supermarket ... . After all, we do need to make a withdrawal every 3 minutes, so we're told! And also of course for that the extra stimulus we must have for a really dud one-night fuck.

But then there are those photos which, while being of guys with all these 'special' qualities, have that something extra. And this is one of those:

I must confess I did happen to notice his cock first ... and lingered there a bit. Just cos of the lighting, mind you. But then I thought 'wow, what a beautiful picture'. Not in that 'oh, it's so artistic I can justify saving it' kind of way. So, have I managed to merge the Madonna and the Whore? Maybe my ideas are working overtime!

One final point - it's a delicate balance between 'art' and 'porn'. Some just have too much of the former for me:

Others too much of the latter:

But, hey guys, it's whatever works for you!


  1. It is a great picture and I can't even say for sure why. I just like it. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. not sure either Tom C, apart from the obvious!

  3. The first works for me too, it's erotic he's hunky with a great cock but it is also the eroticism of not knowing who he is, and baalck and white photos can so much more sexy sometimes, great find.

  4. hey juicer

    i agree bout B&W pics

    and yep, a luscious erotic hunk

    curiously the tension in the way he poses his hands ensures you know he's not really asleep - even in the photo fantasy sense