Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Adam Raphael - Photographer

I like the work of Adam Raphael but I'm not sure whether he's not a bit too Abercrombie. What do you reckon?

The black and white prints seem his best, particularly when they play with light and use strong chiaroscuro effects like in the first one - there is a beautiful sinuous moving line down the outside of his arm muscles created by the dark background, and his ribs, pecs and abs are heightened by strong shadowing:

In general, the colour photos don't seem to do as well as the black and white ones, but they do better give the sensuality and warmth of flesh. Do we like that kinda thing? Well, ... ! This is not a one-handed read post, guys! Not enough dick/crack/armpit/blah for that:

And there are a few which tend towards a kind of poster portraiture:

And don't we all wish we were as fresh as the last guy. Well, I must confess guys, and with all modesty ... opps, the mirror just shattered!


  1. PS Guys, my BLOG ICON is an Adam Raphael pic

  2. Just one night with each of these guys and I would be a happy man a week with picture number three and my life is complete.