Monday, October 30, 2006

Reflective Moment

Monday afternoon and facing the seriousness of a new week - aren't we all? Sex was sorted out on Saturday night - so no sense of any unfinished business. Though I reckon rooting does give me direction and drive - and after, there are a few rubberless moments ... days.

But then I force my brain onto other things. So I completed the draft of an article I've been writing on my area in semiotic theory, and got this off to a friend, and to an academic acquaintance. No replies yet - why didn't they get up in the middle of the night, read it and respond (in detail) in the early hours? So self - nothing to do with me being impatient or demanding at all!!!

Another buddy's back from India and flush with photos and stories so I'd better front up for the debriefing. It'll be good cos the sub-continent is one of my all-time favorite travel destinations.

So then I started reflecting on a magical journey through Rajasthan, and in particular Varanassi (old Benares).

Along the Ganges:

People at work and rest:

Mourners on the river at dusk:

Laundry day:

Monkey raids on the hotel balcony:

A holy man - a saddhu:

India is truly one of the magical places!


  1. Hi Nick,
    So where will this article be published? I'd be interested in reading it. They're obviously not friends if they didn't get back to you by 4am with their considered opinions!!
    Great photos too. One day I'll get to India.
    Just in case you get too reflective, I came across a blog you might be interested, given our previous correspondence on pits. Of course you may already know about it, but if you don't - enjoy. It's
    Keep up the good work - I really enjoy the breadth in your blog.

  2. hi ian. great to hear from you again. and thanks for the url pressie - i went straight there (for breakfast!) - haven't come across it before - so thanks again. Shopping around for a new publisher - an anothropologist friend is stearing me towards some Hong Kong houses as there is more instant gratification there (i.e. no long waits in publishing schedules) and its a centre of semiotic stuff. which i kinda knew. i'll keep you posted but i'd be happy to send you a pre-publication draft. hope i'm not being nosey, but could u tell me a bit about you? - it's good to have a person in mind when u read 'comments'. i'd respond with a bio - hope to hear from u again.

  3. Hi Nick,
    I've sent you an email to your hotmail address, I hope that's OK.

  4. it was a great trip - hard not to take great pics! thanks