Friday, October 13, 2006

David Vance - Photographer

These black and white and sepia photographs come from David Vance.

All the photographs have the sense of being studies in form, as opposed to being being 'naturalistic', and this is part of their meaning. This approach is clearly signalled in first photograph, which has the etiology and reference in the following C19 oil painting and van Glodden silver gelatin photograph:

So, the first Vance group is what could be called a reflective 'studio' set, beautiful in their flowing interlocking sculptural forms, particularly in the second photo, where the eye follows the left leg done to the foot and then back into and along the right thigh:

And then a more active set (that makes me feel less than athletic!!!) - muscles taught in a frozen act of motion, rather than the movement itself:

And to finish, an outdoor group, a number of which could have wandered off a large commissioned sculptural group:


  1. I have had the pic top right in a frame and on my wall in my bedroom for over 10 years!!

  2. it's a great pic - i came across the painting (top left) in school and loved it - i guess responding to its homoerotic content. a friend sketched it and i had that on my wall for years!. cya. nick

  3. Wow - this is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  4. hey i luv those pic, i think it's a bit bl]atant but it's really nice keep it up!

  5. This is a great series of images!!!

    Do you have bigger versions of them?

  6. hi paul, i took them from the site and posted them 'large' (the biggest size) so i am guessing the small size has been limited by the originals. do you know of other way of making them bigger - they certainly would look better if they were. nick