Friday, June 4, 2010

The Hazards of Couples Therapy

I pulled out an old fav movie this morning - 'The Ref' [1994] - and by the end of the first scene I had that big grin all over my face that only happens a very once in a while. And usually inspires sharing impulses. So here we go.

The film's about a couple (played by Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey) with 'relationship issues' - I was about to use the word 'dysfunctional' but suddenly (or not so suddenly) it seems very dated.

The scene I want to share is at the beginning and involves the feuding couple ...

... in a therapy situation with a Dr Wong ...

The situation of battling couples (perhaps incongruously) can have the potential to inspire good script dialogue. Add great comic timing from the two central protagonists. And blocked camera angles that synergistically promote the comedy. And a dose of broadly brushed satire - here, on the shrinking profession. And you have a serious 'sit back, relax and enjoy the show' situation.

Happy I shared?

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