Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Justifiable Causes for Dancing at Home

Everyone must know the salsa is a dance genre that comes from Cuba and is a mix of rhythmic African and Latin music. So little wonder I was dancing with great energy round the house today ... as I came across to a clip of Celia Cruz singing 'Egosimo' on television in 1966. And dancing is the sure sign for sharing!

Now, there's another angle on this Queen of Salsa for me cos we saw her on tour - in Sydney a few years back. Her music and performance were so extraordinarily infectious the audience were dancing in the aisles of the theatre, way before half though. In fact much as I was this morning!

And towards the end of her concert the public had crowded onto the stage around this artist, almost stopping the show.

With all that said, the lady also has great moves! And a killer and glittering 'period' sheath!

Just tell me you're not on your feet - or at least thinking of it!

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