Friday, April 2, 2010

Unexpected Natural Beauty In Your Own Back Garden

Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, Sydney

After all the Easter things have been played out, there's usually still plenty of time to account for over the four day break.

And today we soaked up an afternoon with a drive into the The Blue Mountains, a couple of hours west out of Sydney.

Cultural and other kinds of cringes are almost a natural sport here but sometimes it's just not possible to indulge in our favourite past-time - cynicism today was alchemically transmuted to wonder by the extraordinary natural beauty of the Wentworth Falls.

Equally unexpected were the absolute hoards of locals and tourists, marching all about, also looking for something to do at this time of national shut down.

The weather was perfect - warm and sunny, and slightly undercut with a cool breeze. Autumn with a hint of the coming winter.

Even the local fauna were out to please, including a rather deadly brown snake, if my herpetological knowledge is at all working. A reptile which I seriously did not manage to capture on film ...

... unless I've missed something in this image.

Sadly, it was only on the return journey that someone rather belatedly mentioned that there was a walking track down to the misty bottom of the falls ...

Next time!

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  1. What beautiful pictures. I have been starting to plan my blue mountains trip for when I visit Sydney in the fall. Thanks so much for these beautiful pictures. Do you have any suggestions on must see items in the mountains?