Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Profligate and Prodigal Sons

Looking round the place this morning I noticed how the 50s 'objets' boldly and irreverently jump right out at me, however deeply embedded they are in the more polite antiquities, denizens of cabinets of curiosities and more traditionally collected whatevers.

Of course, it's the boldness and simplicity of the geometric designs, the quirky asymmetry, the bright fresh primary colours ... their sheer sense of unbridled fun.

Which awaken the naughty and rebellious child buried not-so-deeply within me ...

... and who in fact can quite easily be released, as evidenced by the Mardi Gras dance party last week.

And while I genuinely value the approved objects for collection of some of my more standard model buddies, it's the profligate and prodigal sons of 50s 'objets' that are my real favourites.

They are my antidote to the deadening and ultimately suffocating mainstream convention that everywhere surrounds and tries so aggressively to engulf us.

Which reminds me, I've just gotta slip out for a bit to make a couple more life-enhancing purchases ... at my local 50s retro shop, '506070'!

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