Monday, February 8, 2010

Postscript Post - The End of an Era, the 1915 Fire at Le Moulin Rouge

The old Moulin Rouge burnt down in February 1915, ending the era I/we time-travelled to last post.

It's been rebuilt of course but he new one is, well, more than a bit ho hum ... it's just that its time of the past.

The Can Can can no longer be executed as the height of eroticism! It'd be like the very low voltage charge generated by raising one of the legs of your boardies ... to reveal what's just above the knee.

Curiously (though maybe not so curiously) the most poignant image in this footage for me is of the chandeliers ...

... still valiantly hanging on in all the ruination ...

A great metaphor for life if ever there was one!

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