Monday, January 25, 2010

Ballets Russes Costumes

Leon Bakst design for the Chief Eunuch 'Schéhérazade' (1910, 1930s)

I know the Ballets Russes is one of those subjects on which I could - perhaps - go on and on (and on) ... about.

But this is not going to be a yak yak yak post - just a look and have your senses pleasured aesthetically one.

As people know, the costumes and sets of the Diaghilev era of the Ballets Russes had a huge influence on fashion and interior design at the beginning of the C19. Among other things, it was the exoticism of the bold vibrant colours, often simplified geometric shapes and oriental motifs - in such stark contrast with what had gone immediately before.

Léon Bakst set design for 'Scheherazade' (1910)

This is just a very small selection from the astonishing array offered up by that extraordinary Russian enterprise.

I've tried where possible to introduce each image of an original costume with a photograph of the dancer who created the associated role. Usually, I've used an image taken at the time of the creation of the ballet concerned.

1 'Le Dieu Bleu' (1912)

Vaslav Nijinsky in 'Le Dieu Bleu' (1912)

Leon Bakst design for 'Le Dieu Bleu' Costume (1912)

Tamara Karsavina in 'Le Dieu Bleu' (1912)

2 'Le Festin' (1909)

Vaslav Nijinsky in 'Le Festin' (Variously named. 1909)

Leon Bakst design for 'Le Festin' (Variously named. 1909)

3 'Le Pavillion d'Armide' (1912)

Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky as Armida and her slave, 'Le Pavillion d'Armide' (1907)

Alexandre Benois design for a musician, 'Le Pavillion d'Armide' (1907)

4 'Daphnis and Chloe' (1912)

Leon Bakst design for a brigand 'Daphnis and Chloë' (1912)

5 'Petroushka' (1913)

Vaslav Nijinsky as Petrushka in 'Petrushka' c.1913

Alexandre Benois design for Petrushka in 'Petrushka' c.1911

6 'Sadko' (1916)

Natalia Gontcharova design for a Sea Princess in Adolph Bolm's 'Sadko' (1916) - Front

Natalia Gontcharova design for a Sea Princess in Adolph Bolm's 'Sadko' (1916) - Back

7 'Le Sacre du Printemps' (1913)

Nicholas Roerich design for Vaslav Nijinsky's 'Le Sacre du Printemps' (1913)

8 Unknown


9 'Chout' (1921)

Mikhail Larionov design for the Buffoon's Wife in 'Chout' (1921)

10 'The Sleeping Princess' (1921)

Leon Bakst design for a cap for the Bluebird 'The Sleeping Princess' (1921)

Leon Bakst design for the Bluebird 'The Sleeping Princess' (1921)

After the 'Tales of Beatrix Potter' post, I'm now quiet unsure how just far I can go with you guys - though much further than I'd originally imagined!

So ... ?


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