Thursday, September 10, 2009

Aggressive and Demanding Flowers

We were walking home today through the Botanical Gardens - camera deeply and happily buried in my backpack.

But, since last week, a whole new bunch of different mostly flowers had burst into bloom, and were now ferociously demanding to be snapped ...

Finally, after all these aggressive little floras had had their rather indecent way with us, we managed to make our escape from the gardens ...

Maybe a new way home next week!


  1. Thank you for that. The first picture is great, any Idea what the plant is called? About the only thing I miss about England is the diversity of plants that would grow there, especially in Cornwall where I lived. Egyptians don't "do" gardens and the selection of flowering plants available here is limited. Again thank you, you brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

  2. hey kevin

    as i've confessed i'm a botanical neanderthal :< so it'll have to remain beautiful but nameless - like some of my one-night stands!

    yes, the only place in egypt i've ever seen that was the least bit gardeny was elehpantine island in the nile at aswan - i'll send a couple of pics to you by email - just ditch it immediately if you have a million already!

    native flowers here are beginning to be appreciated - as a kid it was roses and whatever - now the botanical gardens are promoting local species - with the dry climate of course they grow much better. yuppie home buyers are smugly filling their gardens with natives too ... .

    glad to hear your response to the photos - mine is somewhat similar in that i find it hard to see and not record

    good to hear from you again