Monday, June 4, 2007

Lilliputians at a Flores de Mayo Parade

Every year, I guess there must be tons of Flores de Mayo parades in various places round the world. But this one in Marilao, Bulacan in the Philippines must rank as one of the sweetest. Most of the participants must be all of four or five! At ten, I bet you are a has-been-non-entity and disbarred from participating.

This year, the parade began appropriately with some little angel men, bedecked with wonderfully fluffy celestial wings:

I think the second diminutive spirit might actually be contemplating his dins! I was. After all, it was 10pm.

And then came the ‘flores’ proper.

Lead off by an absolutely pocket-sized set of matching princesses. Super cuteness plus. And momentarily camera shy.

Followed by a somewhat sombre sweetie, also a tad overawed by the gravity of the occasion.

And then a fan-bearing beauty wrestling with a recalcitrant lolly:

And one enjoying her regal moment, displaying parading abilities to rival the late Princess Diana:

One of the last Lilliputians modelled a red gown to kill for. And controlled its shoe-string straps in a manner that any Hollywood actress with taste and distinction would envy.

The parade came to a close in a suitably grand manner with a float whose centre-piece was an electrically-lit religious icon festooned in real ‘flores’.

A really great night!

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  1. Hey Nick!
    You are really a very sensitive guy.
    Your reports about Philippines, and especially about the Flores de Mayo Parade, are effectively touching. The Spanish influence in Philippines is stronger than I could imagine. The little children in the procession look like, exactly, to the children in a Latin American religious parades. It is really incredible!