Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tension between the Sacred and Profane in Porn

Just crazy bout the tension between this guy’s angelic face and his erotic crotch.

It’s the chiseled jaw and full sculpted lips, and big broad shoulders. And the butt hole sexed up with thick black hair.

The creamy-coloured flesh of his cock and its delicately pink head. That you know you could easily get up or into any orifice.

The sensitive eyes. And the fleshy mouthful of his balls.

The contrasts go on and on. And I get harder with every one.

Ultimately, he’s the kinda guy you want for a fuck buddy AND for domestic use. A very rare combination. The porn equivalent of the Tasmanian Tiger:

The last one died in a zoo in Hobart in 1936. Tiger, that is!

Though, inevitably, there have been lots of sightings ever since.

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