Thursday, March 15, 2007

Post Mardi Gras - Summer's Going out with a Bang not a Whimper

I was enticed out to the Mardi Gras party at the last moment - a friend (yes, that's you C. C.!) sweetly offered to get the tickets on the afternoon of the day.

Next day, another buddy sent me a bunch of photos of the pre-party Parade.

And, now that the squillions of Mardi Gras posts are over, I could consider a final one!

And, if I were going to post any of these photos, what would I start with but Parade People Highlights, such as the 'Priscilla Cast Duplicates' - Bernadette and the 'Chorus Fragment':

And follow that by:

Obviously a spontaneous moment, not posed in any way!

And then finish up with another classic (I know just how far I can push this particular post!):

But these fireworks continued, even after the Party:

Can't decide which is more spectacular: our parade efforts or those of the gods.

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